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Welcome To Venice

Venice is a stock market trading programme that supports portfolio management, charting, technical analysis, paper trading and experimental methods like genetic programming. Venice runs in a graphical user interface with online help and has full documentation. Venice runs on UNIX, including Mac OS X and Windows.


17/April/2006: Venice 0.7beta released

This release brings numerous performance improvements, and multi-currency portfolio support.

23/October/2005: Venice 0.6beta released

This release brings basic intra-day quote support, a Polish translation and many bug fixes.

13/March/2005: Venice 0.5alpha released

The biggest release yet. This release brings the addition of Genetic Algorithm support, Jython scripting and charting of custom indicators. Stock quote import and management have been improved and simplified. Venice has now been translated into Swedish.

14/August/2004: Venice 0.4alpha released

Venice has now been translated into Chinese, Italian & French. This release brings incremental improvements to charting, portfolio management, the gondola language and genetic programming. There have also been many bug fixes.

14/March/2004: Venice 0.3alpha released

The third release brings support for importing quotes from the internet, improved stored equation support, further improvements to the Gondola language and many bug fixes.

24/Aug/2003: Venice 0.2alpha released

The second release brings more stock listing tables, improved paper trading with more Gondola functions, and also genetic programming.

13/April/2003: Venice 0.1alpha released

First release.

17/August/2002: Project Venice web page created

Venice now has a web page!

15/May/2002: Project Venice moved to sourceforge

This is the first step in making Venice publicly available and will hopefully soon lead to a first release.

1/March/2001: Start of Project Venice

Project Venice was initially started as a genetic programming implementation that evovled buy/sell rules. Since then the project scope has expanded to provide much more. Logo