Merchant of Venice



Future Feature List

Here are some of the planned future features:

User Interface

  • Drag & Drop
  • Improved Internationalisation/Localisation
  • Integrated Help

Basic Functionality

  • Alerts
  • Better integration with JNLP so Venice can be more easily plugged into web sites
  • Comparision Graphs
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Import of Fundamental data from Yahoo
  • Integration with Interactive Brokers
  • More support for Intra-Day / Real-Time Quote Data
  • Semi-log Graphs
  • Support for Drawing Lines, Text & Arrows on Graphs
  • Support for specifying chart colour and style
  • Support for Multiple Stock Exchanges
  • Support for Weekly, Fortnightly & Monthly Graphs
  • Support for more Databases: DB2, Firebird, Oracle etc
  • Support for more File Quote Formats
  • Support for more Stock Exchanges
  • Support for more Technical Analysis/Indicators

Experimental Methods

  • Compilation of Gondola Language to Java Byte Code
  • Distributed Genetic Programming
  • Gondola Language Shell
  • Improved Genetic Programming